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You’ve probably heard mention of vaginal restoration treatments by now. These run the gamut from surgical to non-surgical, laser to radiofrequency and invasive to non-invasive. While many of these treatments claim to reap surprising benefits within a short period of time, very few actually deliver as promised. Frustrating, isn’t it?

The Viveve® treatment does it differently. This procedure does more than just enhance aesthetic appeal, it also improves function and feeling. In this article, we pull back the curtains and reveal just what you can expect with Viveve®. 

As women, our bodies undergo many changes due to aging, childbirth, lifestyle factors as well as hormonal fluctuations. Certain symptoms crop up as a result; vaginal laxity, urinary incontinence, reduced sexual desire, pain during intercourse, to name a few.

If this is you, it’s time to seriously consider opting for Viveve®. X3 Regenerative Medicine is a reputed vaginal restoration clinic treating patients in Grapevine, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, and a certified provider of the RF Viveve® treatment

Book a quick no-commitment appointment with us and we’ll walk you through the intricacies of the procedure. 

What is the RF Viveve® Vaginal Restoration Treatment?

Viveve® is an FDA-approved procedure that is delivered through a Radiofrequency (RF) device that tightens and strengthens vaginal tissue by gently heating it at its depth. During the procedure, a small wand or probe (about the size of your thumb) is inserted in the vagina to apply pulses of energy that recalibrate your collagen stores and encourage collagen growth. 

This is a 30-minute procedure that does not involve any anesthesia or downtimes. The patented cryogen-cooled RF device helps to tighten the tissue around the vaginal opening to alternatively cool and warm them. These frequencies are able to trigger the body’s natural healing mechanism and ensure that newer stronger collagen is created. 

The Benefits:

– Tightens the vaginal opening

– Improves vaginal sensitivity and increases orgasmic pleasure

– Relieves stress urinary incontinence

– Reduces vaginal dryness

– Increases collagen stores in the vagina

– Improves labial appearance

Viveve® has reaped consistent results in patients with diverse medical profiles. When you approach a trusted clinic like X3 Regenerative Medicine, rest assured that your comfort and safety are a priority. When used by a trained clinician, the Viveve® device delivers regulated energy of 90J/cm², and deep tissue penetration is possible without damaging the skin. 

How to Tell if Viveve® is Right For You

Easily enough. You will find this treatment beneficial if you’ve noticed vaginal dryness, a reduction in sexual desire and/or diminished orgasms during intercourse. For several patients, the Viveve® RF treatment also helps with incontinence; if you leak when you do certain activities like laughing, sneezing or coughing. 

We recommend coming in for a no-commitment consultation and a professional diagnosis. Our experienced doctors will assess your particular symptoms and walk you through the nuances of the procedure as well as what you can expect after. 

Is Viveve® Covered By Insurance?

A question that has probably been on your mind this whole time; Is Viveve® covered by insurance? In most cases, Viveve® is an elective treatment for aesthetic purposes and isn’t medically mandated. As such, insurance typically will not cover this treatment. 

Typically being the operative word, because there is another possibility. If you are undergoing the procedure to treat stress urinary incontinence among other disorders, insurance may cover the medically-mandated portion of the procedure which will be deducted from the elective portion of the procedure. 

It’s safest to not assume anything. Check with your insurance provider before you make a decision. 

At X3 Regenerative Medicine, we offer flexible financing options to make your experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We’re here to help! Ask us about our payment plans and treatment options today. 

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Sexual Wellness With Viveve®

Vaginal restoration treatments aren’t in short supply – few actually give you the results you desire. 

Viveve® is backed by countless success stories of patients with diverse medical profiles. This RF treatment optimizes the therapeutic outcome for vaginal laxity, diminished sexual desire, urinary incontinence, inability to orgasm and more. 

Make sure you approach a trusted clinic to set the right expectations and get long-lasting results. X3 Regenerative Medicine is a Texas-based clinic with a wealth of experience in vaginal restoration procedures and performs under the highest standards of medical safety. 

Set up a consultation today to find out if the treatment is a viable option for you.