Struggling With ED? It’s Time to Ask About Acoustic Wave Therapy | Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED in Dallas TX

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), sometimes known as impotence, affects one’s ability to acquire or maintain a firm enough erection for sexual intercourse. 

A majority of men face occasional ED which could signal high stress levels with at least 5% of men over the age of 40 experiencing complete Erectile Dysfunction. Frequent symptoms of this nature could point to a deeper underlying issue that should be addressed by a certified professional immediately.

X3 Regenerative Medicine is a certified ED clinic in Dallas Texas, offering leading regenerative treatments to improve men’s and women’s sexual wellness. Our medical team offers a variety of individual-specific services to optimize sexual performance. Ask us about our acoustic wave therapy for ED – this has reaped tremendous success in patients and sidesteps the side-effects that harsher medications or surgery may have!


What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

ED could be triggered by one or more physical or emotional factors. Some of these include;

– Cardiovascular diseases

– Diabetes

– High cholesterol levels

– Kidney disease

– Anxiety

– Depression

– Obesity

– Hormone imbalance or low testosterone

– Drug use

– Sleep disorders

– Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

– Peyronie’s disease (penile curvature)

It’s integral to approach a doctor and get your condition diagnosed so as to rule out any underlying disorders. 


ED Medications – Are These Really Recommended?

Unless your doctor recommends it, we strongly advise against self-medicating for ED. There are certain medications, used to treat other conditions, that could be causing your ED. It’s best to run anything you take by your doctor to ensure that this isn’t the case. Likewise, don’t stop any medications before running that by your doctor as well.

ED medications work very differently from one patient to the next, and oftentimes, you may need to try out multiple medications before finding one that does the job for you. Some medications may need to self-injected in the penis while others may call for a penile suppository. 

At the outset, it will be unclear how your body reacts to these medications as many have adverse side effects that do more harm than good. 

Apart from medications and injections, there are other treatment modalities available such as using a vacuum erection device, however, most of these are usually ideal on an as-needed basis as they typically work for a single sexual encounter at a time. 


Acoustic Wave Therapy – A Safe and Effective Treatment For Your ED

Acoustic wave therapy, or shockwave therapy, uses acoustic waves to initiate a process known as neovascularization in specific parts of the body. This improves blood flow to the targeted region.

A question we often get asked is, Does acoustic wave therapy work for Erectile Dysfunction? Acoustic wave therapy uses low-intensity shock waves to safely treat ED and has improved the quality of the erection for a large number of patients. In some cases, acoustic wave therapy has even cured patients completely of their ED. 

Acoustic wave treatments have helped patients recover from kidney stones, fractures, inflammations, joint issues and, as recently discovered, even Erectile Dysfunction. 

The flow of blood is integral to experiencing and maintaining a firm erection. When sexually stimulated, the arteries of the penis widen so as to accumulate blood. This is what lends the penis its firmness, needed to penetrate the vagina. If you experience issues with the blood flow, you may be unable to have an erection at all or may have weak erections. 

Acoustic wave therapy addresses the root of the problem naturally by greatly improving the blood flow to the penis. Some of the results patients have reported post-treatment include;

– Return of morning erections

– Fuller and firmer erections

– Spontaneous erections without the help of any medications

– Increased sensation

– Greater stamina

– Improved orgasmic power

Along with this treatment, your doctor may suggest certain medications to accelerate recovery, especially for moderate to severe ED. 

Clinical studies have shown that there is an 80-85% chance that acoustic wave therapy will treat your ED to a significant degree, with 7 out of 10 patients experiencing improvement after following through with the treatment program. 

Whether you are experiencing mild, moderate or severe ED symptoms, chances are acoustic wave therapy can help!


What to Expect During the Acoustic Wave Therapy Session

During your acoustic wave therapy session, the clinician will apply a probe to the penis which is covered with a special medically-approved gel. Multiple areas of the penis will be targeted to optimize therapeutic results. 

Each session could run from anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes. Apart from a mild tingling sensation, most patients report no pain and do not even require anesthesia. 


Am I a Good Candidate for Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Drawing broad strokes, the following criteria have been identified for patients seeking out this treatment;

  • You should have been diagnosed with a condition for which this treatment is medically-approved to treat (ED checks this box!)
  • You should not display any contraindications during your initial consultations prior to the treatment
  • Your doctor has ruled out conventional treatments such as surgery or medication due to their inefficacy for your specific case

Again, don’t assume anything. It’s best to come in for a consultation and have the doctor test your candidacy based on your specific symptoms. 


X3 Regenerative Medicine is a trusted clinic, offering proven treatments in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Our trained medical staff has accumulated years of experience in acoustic wave therapy, helping us to accurately assess your candidacy for this treatment. 

Find out if you are a good candidate for acoustic wave therapy. Contact us and we’d be happy to set up an appointment.