Dr. Mackenzie was born in the United Kingdom and raised there throughout his childhood.   He initially wanted to be a pilot.  He then explored engineering and realized that wasn’t for him and moved to Scotland to discover his roots and went to work for the British government as a computer programmer and systems analyst.

In 1969 he was recruited by an oil company in Calgary, Canada.  After a multiple years there, he realized physics was a passion of his and decided to go back to college.  While at University of Calgary, he discovered his love for medicine and switched to premed.  He became the oldest student in his class, not beginning med school until the ripe old age of 29.  While in med school, he realized he had to be a surgeon.  He loved working with his hands.  To this day, he still tinkers with his own cars and modifies them as he likes.  After 3 or 4 years of general orthopedic, he realized spine surgery was his passion and has been a spine surgeon since 1990.

Even as of today, Dr. Mackenzie loves to build (and modify) model airplanes to exact specifications and enjoys a flight simulator he has in his home, with which, he can land that simulator in ay airport in the world.  He is an avid movie and music fan and loves, more than anything, to travel.   Dr. Mackenzie speaks French and Italian, in addition to English and is a gourmet chef.  He is an insatiable learner and studies additional languages and quantum physics during his morning treadmill routine

He has been Chief Resident, Chief of Staff, Chairman of Peer Review Committees, and among others, Chairman of the By Laws and Medical Executive committees in multiple hospitals in the DFW area since moving here.  He has presented papers and lectured on over 25 subjects publicly here in north Texas.  He lives with his wife here in DFW and they have multiple children and grandchildren and enjoy time with their family.

He is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada, the American College of Surgeons and the North American Spine Society.  He is board certified with a specialty in orthopedic surgery and also board certified in forensic medicine.

Dr. Greg Davidovich was born and raised in central New Jersey.  After high school, he entered the US Navy and spent 6 years in the Pacific fleet working on gas turbine jet engines.   An injury sustained in the Navy, led Greg to pursue his chiropractic training at Parker University in 1995. He had several large multidisciplinary practices in Dallas and Southlake working with Pain Management Physicians and Spine Surgeons.

Greg decided to broaden his medical training and received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Hardin Simmons University.  He continues today to work with spine surgeons in the O.R. simultaneously, as he opened X3 Regenerative Medicine.  He recognized the need for a comprehensive sexual wellness health center in the DFW area and founded X3 Regenerative Medicine with his wife of 20 years Tina.

He is a certified provider of the Vampire facelift, O Shot, P Shot procedures, through the Cellular Medicine Association.

Greg is an avid scuba diver and loves to ride and restore vintage motocross motorcycles.  He loves to travel with Tina.  He lives here in DFW with his wife Tina and their two teenagers, and his 3 rescue dogs Iggi, Cozmo, and Stella.

Tina was born in Phoenix and raised in Southern Californian before becoming a Texan in elementary school.  In high school she was active in sports and cheer and attended UNT with a dance scholarship and business minor.

She went to work for one of the largest healthcare companies in the country, traveling throughout the pacific coast and Midwest opening home healthcare agencies within the hospitals owned by the corporation.   She then went to work for a national family DME company and became a consultant for another local one.

This is when she met Dr. Greg Davidovich. Together they have opened work hardening, physical therapy and work conditioning offices, spinal decompression offices and owned a pain management clinic.

Today they are spinal implant distributors in Dallas, San Antonio and Phoenix and have recently decided to pursue the field of sexual wellness and a bit of aesthetics.  They’ve been married for 20 years and have two precious teenagers. Tina has a very active lifestyle and social life and loves what she does now and loves to see happy patients come in and out of the practice.  She is very involved socially in her community and a member of many different social and political organizations.  She and her family are volunteers in the community and love to extend the same invitations to extended friends and family.